Select all edges

hi everyone

Is there a way to select all edges in sketchup

I want to move the outside edge of this model in 100mm

any good ideas to do this?

Switch to wireframe ( 3th icon in styles toolbar) to see only the edges.
Or you could install an extension ( selection tools by ThomThom is free,as in beer) which give you an apprehensive comprehensive set of possible options.


Select those 12 outer edges.
Use Ctrl+Shift to add to the selection.
Use the Offset tool dragging the offset inwards and click, immediately type 100mm + enter.
There is now a set of new edges parallel with the originals inset by 100mm.
These new edges should auto-split the flat-drawn hip/valley edges.
Use the Erase tool to delete these short lengths of hip/valley and the 12 outer edges which you no longer want…

Thx so much TIG that is a great idea i could do that then just redo the roof :slight_smile:
your a champ

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