Hotkey For Selecting Bounding Edges Only

Simply that. I’ve already tried Selection Toys but when I click the “Select all edges in current selection” it just deselects. A little help please!

Thank you!

Are you clicking on the green Edges button or the red one?

What about double click with Select on the face to select the face and the bounding edges then Shift-Select to deselect the face leaving the bounding edges selected?


Thank you! The double click works as a solution however the green edges button just deselects everything and the red one doesn’t do anything.

That’s weird. For me the green Edges button deselects everything but the edges from a selection set as advertised on the tin.

There is also a context menu that gives you lots more choices.

That is strange, similar to what I’ve got going on.

Yeah but I’ve been trying to stay away from that to improve workflow with larger amounts of edges and faces to be selected. Thank you though!

It’s working as expected for me. You’re seeing the same thing?

Do any of you know how to select something in your work space without selecting the edges/faces behind what ever I’m selecting?

How does avoiding the Context menu improve your workflow?

How are you going about selecting that gets stuff behind the area you are trying to select? Are you dragging a selection fence? If so, don’t.

Less clicks for me = faster workflow but the double click is working great, thank you!

Yeah selection tool and then click and dragging around what I want. Is there a better way? I’m still kinda new to SketchUp but love it!

Are you using components or groups? If not, you should be - selection within the editing context of a component or group won’t select anything behind it not in the same component or group.

There are a variety of other ways to use the Select tool including the fence selection. Keep in mind that left to right and right to left selection fences yield different results.

As John suggests, you might find it useful to use groups and components. they can help you with controlling selections among other things.

If you are avoiding the Context menu, you’re skipping a lot of tools.

Thank you both. I’ll consider those options.

Would you be able to make a quick clip of using the fence selection please. I’m having trouble figuring out that as well as what you mean by left to right and right to left selection.

Thank you.

Have a look here…


In addition to the link provided by Box, look at this:


Thank you both very much again! I now understand the right to left and left to right selection and the video you provided Dave was very helpful as well!