Punching holes in curved objects

Hi All,

im struggeling to fix this in sketchup, even after watching tutorials online.
Im making a BMW e46 vent delete replacement panel so i can fit gauges in there.
I got the 3 gauge cylinders above the object, punched them through and intersect faces with model both for the cylinder as the ‘plate’.
i can remove the part of the Cylinder that has gone through the bottom and this is all well.
i cant delete the cylinder from the bottom of the plate so it is actually a hole through till the top of the plate.

i hope i made myself clear what the goal is, otherwise thank you for your help!
e46 vent delete gauge.skp (218.3 KB)

I would question do you really need both circles? Essentially you just want a hole so a single cylinder should be enough. If I’m right remove the one or the other, do you want the hole as big as the outer or the inner.
Cut the disks to the clipboard, open the group for editing , Paste in place, extrude the disks through the shape (at this point you could reverse the faces of the cylinders) select all of it and intersect faces with selection. Remove the parts not needed.
Normally I would do a gif to show you but can’t just now.

the reason i have 2 circles is that the part of the gauge that should fit the hole is 58mm and the outer part of the gauge that rests on the surface is 62 mm so i need a 58 mm hole and a width of 62 mm

So cut the hole with just the inner circle.
The gauge can be cut to the dash.

how do i get my angle i have in it now? the angle of the circles/cylinders are just so they provide me with better viewing angle.

I’m not sure what you mean, but if you do it this way you still have your rings.
The bit off screen is Intersect faces with…

Your outcome was something i already got, but now look what the slicer makes out of it. this is exactly where my problem is. now im missing layers

Ok, before we go any further, what version of sketchup are you using?

first of all what i forgot is to thank you for your support so far already!
im using sketchup pro 2022

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Please correct your profile while I do another gif.

sorry, its corrected now :slight_smile:

You can do this with solid tools. Solid tools are not available in the web version which is what your profile was telling me. Another reason to keep your profile up to date.

First you need to make the Dash solid by exploding the grouped tabs.
Then you can cut the tubes and fit the surrounds, I went too far through and came out the bottom, they could be cut off or done more accurately to begin.

Done correctly you can see there are no internal faces.

Took me a little while but thanks man! that really helped!

maybe one little question at the end. how can i make the top part (the least thick part of the curved plate) edges round? i can draw an arc but cannot push it out completely (arc at bottom and push upwards)

Do you mean like this? Or somewhere else?
Round over

oh my apologies, i meant the other way like this

Another method, using Intersect Faces, for SketchUp Free/Go (web) or Make/Pro (desktop) users, without using Solid Tools


Tap ctrl to continue through the curve then intersect and delete.

Thank you so much! learned a lot today!!! you are the best!

which intersection are you using becuase when i intersect with selection my behaviour is different than yours the inside curve is not intersected on the top face of the plate

this is what is happening when i created the arc and push it up.