Punching holes in curved objects

This is what happens when i try to remove the part that overshot the plate

Too many segments in your curve.

■■■■, you are good! :smiley:

Just experience, you’ll get there.


@Box i really appriciated your help but i might need it a little more.
After printed my design a couple of times and adjusted the model, i ended up not being able to create the rounded curves on the top like you showed in your last animation. Can you please help again?

(and can you please explain why combining the two grouped objects fails so hard?)
e46 vent gauge v3.1 0deg.skp (824.1 KB)

Scale up or use the Dave method to make your corners work. Here it is only scaled by 10, it resolves the issue that is created when small at the area where all the hidden geometry is.

As for making the shape one piece, you seem to have created a combination that really doesn’t want to work. I can make it work but it is a lot of effort and not something I can show in a gif.
Since they are two overlapping solids they should print ok as they are.

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Thank you so much! im going to try this out.
and yes they print fine!