Pushing and pulling objects

Good Day

My name is Pieter.

please could any one assist me, I’m struggling to figure out how to push or pull a circular hole into an object that has a slightly angled surface without having the circular hole follow the same angle as the surface it is being pulled or pushed on ?

for example please c picture below of circular holes on angled surface…

I believe you will need to use an Intersect command, which you can find from the Edit menu. Basically, Intersect works like this: Draw the object with the slightly curved face. Then draw a cylinder and move it into position so that it overlaps the first object. Select both objects then go to Edit>Intersect>With Selection. Finally, erase the waste.
If you use the Pro version of SketchUp, you can use the Solid Tools to accomplish the same thing, but more quickly.
Hope this helps.

The intersect will work just fine but here’s a gratuitous ad for the solid tools in the Pro Version.


Here’s a gratuitous plug for Make, which is itself gratuitous.


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Hi Gully

Thank you so much for the help I really appreciate it, I tried it and it worked perfectly.

I actually watched a video on you tube on how to get it right last night and had no luck I don’t know what I was doing wrong?

Any how I followed the instruction on the illustration u send me and got it right perfectly……

Thank you so much.

Works great for bicycle parts also, all anchor bolt wholes for brakes, derailleurs and shifter clamps. Need to be cut that way.