Help, I can't pull up the lines (beginner)


Can someone explain me why I can’t pull up the lines in the attached file? And why sometimes I can’t push? It is very annoying…

Error: “Cannot push/pull curved or smoothed surfaces”

I succedly built a shop but many times I got this annoying error.

I use Sketchup 2020 trial version.

Thank you.

caelus.skp (103.5 KB)

You have smoothed edges on the two walls that are internal. Turn on hidden geometry under view, and erase the two small lines separating the inner walls from the outer. Then it will push pull.

Thank you so much sir.

So every time I get this error I just need to do as you say.

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Yes. But it’s important to understand how you got smoothed edges which are not appropriate in this context. My guess is that you did it by accident while using the eraser tool, if you hold down the option key the eraser tool smoothes instead of erasing, don’t do that. Just erase the edge, no keys.