Dezmo's ex*-tension*

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Removal or release

Mental or emotional strain. A mind that is affected by stress or tension cannot think as clearly

(Writing a code snippets for me is a kind of relaxation against the daily stress caused by my work of a completely different nature.)

The more I learn, it becomes more clearer how much more I have to learn.
Over the years I’ve done some useful or less useful, good or bad bits of code. I thought I’d collect it in one place - for myself and for you - to make it easier to access.
You can probably guess from the topic title that these are not necessarily fancy or fully finished plugins (or extensions), but these code snippets can still serve the given purpose.

I’m not a programmer or a 3D designer, I just enjoy learning and using the possibilities inherent in the Sketchup Ruby API. I spend some of my free time listening to questions on the forum and using my programming skills to answer some if relevant. In other words, it is part of my “special” learning method of programming.

In addition, I will continue to monitor “all” ( :innocent:) topic/post , You can request simpler plugins in this topic. This is not a promise or an obligation, just a possibility. Either I can/want to do it or I can’t…it will be my own decision.
At certain times of the year, I devote more time to my hobby, and at other times less. I’m just a person like you, I have my real private life, family and friends and job.
I am not a Sketchup employee.

Please keep this topic clean, if you have any questions about the code snippet in the link, ask it there instead.
Don’t send me a private/direct message or request, please! I’m likely to ignore that or react in an unexpected way.

The order of the links below is random. Feel free to remind me if I missed some.


Click to open the links:

👀 MATRIX - all about visibilities ( Experimental ! )

Yet another Scene Visibility plugin [by "request"]

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Add a numerical suffix at the end of scenes names:
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Dezmo Weld

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Glass structures plugin, made on "request"

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Wireframe BirdCages (scaffolding) [by request]

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Display keyboard shorcuts

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Dezmo Save to older SketchUp Version


Hi Dezmo,

if you find it interesting and not very complicated to do.

3D model: code-02.skp (189.6 KB)

short explanation: Project a curve vertically (virtually) on a surface (or only on some edges), and at the intersection of the edges, break them and delete one of the two segments (I marked in red the part that should be deleted). Bonus could be to create edges that connect each end to the other edges.

Thank you for your codes! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Dezmo,

idea/request-02 - automatic generation of 2D (or 3D) walls from the selection of edges

Thank you!

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Hi Dezmo,

idea/request-03 - creating two parallel lines at a certain distance from a point

  • choosing a point;
  • choosing a direction and setting a distance;
  • drawing a double line (you set the distance between the two), or maybe a rectangle;
  • automatic deletion of the edges that connect them

Thank you!

:bulb: Perhaps it can be done by
(Does not tried)

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Yes, Dezmo, this is a suitable extension for that. Also TIG Latticeizer and Profile Builder 3.