Display keyboard shorcuts

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The topic remind me one of my old snippet, I thought I will share:

Dezmo_Display_Shorcutsthtml.rbz (780 Bytes)

After installing you will get a menu in Window>>Display Shortcuts, click on it and you get a list of your current keyboard shortcuts in a formatted html table, sorted by keyboard buttons.

(You can right click on it and print, or select and copy content to the clipboard, then paste it into an excel sheet or text editor…whatever.)

I cant test on Mac, so I’m not sure how it will look like in Mac, please check and give feedback!

As usual, I don’t thinks it will harm anything, but there is no warranties, use it as your own risk! :innocent:

BTW. You can create a shortcut to display your shortcuts… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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well it’s at the bottom of the window menu, except our is longer because all the side panels are in it

Capture d’écran 2024-03-02 à 10.53.20

besides that, it looks just like on PC, an HTML table :slight_smile:

however, it doesn’t display macos’ native shortcuts, stuff like copy paste, only the ones brought by SU or the user.

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That’s okay. I can’t “influence” the position inside the Window menu (unless using undocumented hack), the order will “decided” by SU, in which order the extensions are loading.

I guess these are “hardcoded” in Mac OS, like the color palette… anyway the linked topic does not display these either, so - lets say - it works as I expected… :wink:

Your feedback is very much appreciated! Thanks! :beer:

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you’re right, the fact that we can’t use command in a shortcut shows it’s apple’s private garden of shortcuts. at least in SU using Cocoa framework.

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