Default Keystrokes/Shortcuts List?

Mac OS 11.2, SU Pro 21.0.392. I have been assigning shortcuts/keystrokes to common functions using the Preferences Window → Shortcuts, but I keep running into conflicts. From what I can tell, the Preferences Window only shows shortcuts assigned by the user and not the default shortcuts/keystrokes (the drop down menus in SU show keystrokes, which I assume are the defaults. but those do not show up in the Preferences Window either) nor do any keystrokes assigned in the Preferences Window show up in the drop down menus. I found the Quick Reference Card for 2020, but this does not show the shortcuts, which means it is not helpful for my issue.

I suspect I am not the first to complain about this. I have three asks:

  1. Can the SU team show the default keystrokes into the Preferences window?
  2. Can the SU team show the assigned keystrokes in the drop down menus?
  3. Can someone point me to a complete list of default keystrokes/shortcuts? This will help me from having to create a list manually, which will probably be incomplete.



On Mac, there are OS shortcuts with Cmd as well

Thank you, Mike. My search did not find the post you linked to, perhaps I ran out of patience due to the age of it (>6 years).

On Mac, default shortcuts that are wired-in to the menu system use Cmd key chords and can’t be removed, though for many of them you can also set a user-defined alternative. That plus the fact that macOS uses Cmd chords for its shortcuts is why you can’t create a user-defined shortcut that uses the Cmd key on Mac.