Problem assigning shortcut keys on mac

Hello- I’m trying to set uyp shortcut keys on my mac in sb pro and must be missing something: Online instructions show preferences in the window menu but I find shortcuts under Sketchup/shortcuts. Trying to do, say, hide rest of model, so I enter this term in search and it shows that command, I enter j in box and select reset all button. Not working. The key assignment window looks different than the ones I’m seeing in the instructionals, but I have no prefs in the window menu, only in sketchup menu. Thanks!

This is one of the ways SU for Windows and Mac differ.

On Mac, Preferences are all in a sub-menu under the Sketchup menu, not the Windows menu.

Type your shortcut in the space for it, and don’t press the Enter key. I use x for View/Face style/X-ray - here’s how I set it up.

Note that although SU shows a capital X, it is only a lower case letter that I type. If you were to choose a capital X, you’d see this instead:


Just shut the window, or set another shortcut. Had me baffled the first time I moved over to Mac from Windows.

Why would you click on Reset All after changing the keyboard shortcuts? You’re undoing the changes you just made.

Filter and find the type of action…
Select the desired action and enter a letter- e.g. J - in the box below-left.
Do NOT click ‘Rest All’ - that removes your customized shortcuts…
The setting you entered are remember as the dialog is closed…

Note that on a MAC there are some reserved key combinations that can’t be reassigned, as these are managed by the OS not the app… But J should be OK, if it’s already used by something else you should be told and can choose which gets it…

Yes, got it, thanks