TIP: Shortcuts reminder on MacOS desktop

Dear All,

For those of us with minds like a steel sieve, here is a trick for refreshing the memory about your keyboard shortcuts. At least if you are using a Mac. I am sure a similar trick can be done with other OSes.

I have found a good use for multiple desktops on the Mac. I have two desktops, one for working in, and the other just has a list of custom and standard keyboard shortcuts as a desktop image (aka wall paper). I got the list of shortcuts using this ruby command in the ruby console.

shortcuts = Sketchup.get_shortcuts

I then copied that text to BBEdit and did some Regex stuff to get a tab delimited list. Any texttool that can do search/replace will work. I put the delimited list in a spreadsheet, took a screenshot of the spreadsheet, and used that as a wallpaper for Desktop 1. Using a three-finger swipe, I can go from Desktop 2, where I do my work, to Desktop 1 and back again.

I hope someone finds this useful.



The Sketchucation tool will list all shortcuts, if wanted you can print the list also.


Well that is easier than my method! Thanks