Glass structures plugin, made on "request"

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Even though @kevin58 marked his topic as solved…
Recently I made a snippets for other user ( @Hanke ) , so I thought I’d add a few lines, because with a little work it could be good for this purpose as well.

So I created a quick and dirty plugin:
Dezmo_GlassStructures.rbz (1.1 KB)

It is mandatory to install TIG: Smart Offset v3.0 from sketchUcation to be able to use my plugin.
(You will be notified if it is not installed)

The plugin will convert selected faces to “Glass Structures”, described above.

Right click on a single face, or make sure the pre-selection contains a faces, which are the desired base of the structure(s). Select a context menu: “Face(s) to Glass structure(s)” Change the sizes if needed at the pop up window and click OK to proceed.
You can undo it as one.

Every face will be converted to a group containing three other groups named “Inner pane”, “Spacer Bar” and “Outer pane”. The base face will be the Inner pane base and the push-pull and move direction is the direction of the face normal.

The plugin does not tested extensively. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!



@kevin58 Why tinker around when @dezmo just whipped up this beast? Great start Dezmo!


Hi Dezmo

Sorry for the late reply but I have been setting up my new PC this weekend.

That is a fabulous little plugin and so far I would say it works perfectly. I am going to use it on my next project which I will be starting tomorrow and I will let you know how I get on. I think it could save me a ton of time and I like how you can change the glass and spacer thicknesses as well which is great because the units can be 34mm, 40mm or 50mm overall.

It never ceases to amaze me how versatile SketchUp can be, especially with clever plugin writers like you around.

Thanks very much, I owe you a few crates of beer :+1:


Hi @dezmo

Just a bit of positive feedback for you and a cheeky request :smile:

Ive just finished drawing an entire glass structure using your plugin and it worked perfectly. It definitely saved me time and it will save me more as I get used to a slightly new workflow. Occasionally it created the opposite hand to what I anticipated where the inner panel ended up on the outside but that was easy to correct with a quick flip.

One thing I noticed was I used the plugin to create just the spacer bar quite a few times because the inner and outer panes were different. Then I would create the full panel and delete the inner and outer panes. This happens where the panel has an over-sail which usually occurs on half the corner units and all of the roof units.

Would it be possible to create a plugin to just produce the spacer bar without the inner and outer panes. Obviously I am more than happy to pay for your efforts if you pm me your details.

Either way thanks very much for what you’ve done which is very much appreciated.

Kevin :+1:


At first I thought no. I mean, it can’t be in five minutes.
But I was wrong.
Dezmo_GlassSpacers.rbz (869 Bytes)


Posting takes longer… :innocent:
It is mandatory to install TIG: Smart Offset v3.0 from sketchUcation to be able to use my plugin.
(You will be notified if it is not installed)


@kevin58 Looks like you may have to expedite that beer shipment.

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Now THAT is impressive service :wave::wave:

Im off to bed now but will PM you in the morning :+1:

It’s not necessary, I did it for fun.
(When I go to Bristol, you can invite me for a Guinness… :beers: :wink:)


Well thanks very much :+1:

I’m loving your latest effort which shows how SketchUp can be tailored to help a workflow if somebody, i.e. you, knows what they’re doing?

I’ve literally spent ages creating multiple units from raw geometry in the past and now its just a few clicks. What gets me, apart from the speed, is the accuracy. I tried your latest plugin, the one you created last night in just a few minutes, on a sphere from a 24 sided ‘circle’ and got 288 perfect spacer bars in seconds, each one accurate down to a fraction of a millimetre.

Impressive stuff!




Can I be really cheeky and ask a massive favour.

Back in June you VERY kindly created a plugin for me that I use pretty much every day, and I absolutely love it (other than its name).

It comes up on my menu as Face(s) to Glass Spacer(s) and I wonder if you could change it to just “Spacer Bar” to satisfy my OCD :grinning:

I will happily send you a crate of whatever you fancy if you pm me your address :+1:

I have no idea what “OCD” means, but at least I hope it doesn’t hurt. If so, here’s the medicine: :wink:

Dezmo_Spacer_Bar.rbz (847 Bytes)

(It is a “new extension” and can work parallel with the old one with a same function; so, better uninstall the “Dezmo_GlassSpacers”)

Similar rules apply:
It is mandatory to install TIG: Smart Offset v3.0 from sketchUcation to be able to use my plugin.
(You will be notified if it is not installed)
The plugin does not tested extensively. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

It’s not necessary to “send me a crate of whatever I fancy”, I did it for fun. :innocent:

OCD is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Are you familiar with the phrase, “Hold my beer”? Your profile pic makes me think of you saying that to Kevin just before busting out an extension like a maestro!

Of course I looked up what “OCD” meant. (“cure” is attached :wink: )
With my first sentence, I wanted to convey that I will never be familiar with the 3-letter abbreviations that are commonly used in the English-speaking world. (My mother never spoke English to me.)

My profile picture represents that I am not here for work, but for hobby. At my current job, I only need to use Sketchup a few days a year. In my spare time - which unfortunately is getting less and less - I enjoy expanding my knowledge by writing plugins or snippets like these. :innocent:

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LOL - We do use a lot of initialisms and acronyms in English. For my Big GF (honorary title my girlfriend earned) English is a third language behind Bosnian and German. She’s been in the US for a long time but still gets tripped-up by some of our weirder expressions. As you’ve probably guessed, my Mother did not speak Hungarian to me ;^)… though I visited there once.

Do you program or do engineering for a living?

Thank you VERY much - you are very generous!

You cannot believe how useful your plugin is to me and how much time it saves - its now a fundamental part of my work flow and helps a lot with accuracy. The spacer bars below took next to no time which would definitely NOT have been the case the way I used to do them.

Thanks again :grinning: :+1:


Coding is a hobby. I’m Liquid processing (mainly milk) and senior commissioning engineer.