Plugin: Create a Tag per selected component

Here we are:

Dezmo_tag_by_comp.rbz (10.4 KB)
Create Tag/Layer and associate to selected component instances by it’s definition names.

  • There will be no “main” menu but a toolbar icon and context menu.
  • If you select something and it contains one or more components, you will get a context menu (right mouse click) “Add Tag/Layer to selected comps by def name”
  • The toolbar icon will be enabled with a similar manner.
  • Shortcut can be assigned, considering the above mentioned selection criteria.
  1. If there is a Tag/Layer already in a model it will be considered and used.
  2. If the Tag/Layer is already associated to instance there will be no changes.
  3. If the component instance definition renamed, you have to run the plugin again to get it’s Tag/Layer again, however the “old” Tag/Layer will not be removed. You can purge it yourself.

No warranties! Use your own risk! But it should work…:wink:
Bugs can be reported here. I’ll do my best, considering priority of my private life!

Good luck! Have a healthy time!