Question about assigning Multiple Tag to Group/Component

Hello guys,

I lookup to a plugin that has an feature to assign multiple tags to a group or component

I’m aware of the ability to control model visibility through the Outliner.
But Outliner is missing in Layout, which used to generate 2D documentation.
Outliner allow control visibility only using model layers.
So I use layers, and model have a large number of layers. And it get headache to manage them from the EntityInfo dialog, which displays a list of all layers in the form of a list, not a tree. :((((

So, for solve my problems, I made a small plugin for selecting from a tag tree and assigning several tags to a component. And I’m wondering if there are analogues with similar functionality,

I’m really curious how you did it? Because it is impossible to assign more then one tag (layer in Ruby API) to any kind drawing element. Neither via UI nor by Ruby API currently is not feasible.

Or I completely misunderstand what would you like to achieve… :innocent:

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You may possibly be confusing SketchUp tags (formerly “layers”) with LayOut layers, which are an entirely separate thing.

I know that SU allow assign only one tag per DrawingEntity
I use workaround (such for sections), creating wrapper (group) over component and assign extra tag. so can contol visibily of different entities. for sample in video - floors, rooms, chairs, tables in different combination


hmm, I use this functionality widely, and works in Layout, same like in SU.