[Plugin] Multitag extension for sketchup


The extension allow assign several tags/layers to group/component. And get flexible control to object visibility on complex models, such as houses, apartments with large engineering networks (water supply, electricity, etc.)

By default all selected tags use AND condition: so object will displayed only if all tags are enabled;

Extension also allow use OR condition between layers, grouping and combination AND and OR conditions

For sample: Each wall in house can be assigned at least to two layers “room1” and “room2” and be visible when one of “room” tags enabled or Furniture can belong to both tags “room” and “type”, for example “Chair” or “Table” and are displayed only when both layers are active

Download plugin.rbz (build 1.1.220920)

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i’m getting an error:

Error: #<NameError: uninitialized constant ZZLab::MultiTagPlugin::Plugin::EXTENSION
Did you mean? Exception>
c:/users/…/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2022/sketchup/plugins/plugin.rbe:68:in main' c:/users/.../appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2022/sketchup/plugins/plugin.rbe:87:in class:Plugin
c:/users/…/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2022/sketchup/plugins/plugin.rbe:8:in <module:MultiTagPlugin>' c:/users/.../appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2022/sketchup/plugins/plugin.rbe:7:in module:ZZLab
c:/users/…/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2022/sketchup/plugins/plugin.rbe:6:in <main>' SketchUp:in eval’

Thanks for issue. Was uploaded wrong package, after signing was incorrectly packed into .rbz :frowning:
Fixed package was uploaded.

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