KG-dev - Tag Manager - Generate and assign Tags/Layers based on model data, such as classifications and dynamic attributes

Status: Proof of concept.

I admit, the first version of Tag Manager (link to topic) was a good attempt, but failed in leveraging what was already present in SketchUp and the model. It also got created before SketchUp decided to use “tags” as a replacement in nomenclature for what once was called layers. So, I created a new proof of concept, this time using the data present in a model, and using the tags functionality of SketchUp,:

How about automatically generating and assigning those SketchUp tags to your classified (ifc, but any classification should work) entities, or your dynamic components, or … well more should be possible in the future.

Together with the “Color By Layer/Tag” functionality, it allows for the quick generation of thematic maps, for instance.

Could this be helpful for you?


I would be very interested to try this @kengey !

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One of the hard tasks is properly organizing and naming things. Usually one procedes faster with modelling than one can keep up with adding metadata. I had already dreamed about what if there was an AI that can recognize what a shapes represent and name/tag them. Or at least a function to select all similar objects and assign a tag…

I also wish SketchUp would support multi-tags, then you would not need to think about what naming strategy is better, “large_window_in_foyer” or “foyer_window_large” (category, type of object, attributes). Multiple tags could be an unordered set {“foyer”, “window”, “large”} and you could filter them without needing a hierarchy or alphabetical order.


Multiple tags is what my original version did. I now see potential in Sketchup being used as a tool for coordination, where for example a .ifc comes in and you need to do things with it. That ifc has data, so, better start using it in Sketchup.

The ai you describe is something that crossed my mind as well and… I am pretty sure is being researched at the moment, since it is actually pretty easy to make that specific ai. I believe I have seen things from a Trimble competitor doing this.

Well, give me a few days to make it into a v1 and I will make sure you can give it a try

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Hi Kengey!
I actually really liked the old version concept!! I thought it was very handy in many cases, just to have an ADDITIONAL tool to the traditional layers (tags). This feature is very useful, since it ensures a greater flexibility in the visibility of objects.

To tell the truth, in my opinion this new version relies too much on a very early development stage of a tool like IFC import which in my experience is still poorly used by the average SketchUp user.

Thank you for your feedback. The good news is: nothing is lost :slight_smile:
I honestly actually am hoping for some user feedback in order to create the tool you need. And maybe the future version should be more of a mix between the previous version and the concept I have in mind right now.