Help With Layout Auto Tags

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Does anyone know if there is a way to get autotags in layout to read the tag/layer names from my Sketchup Model?

Because I would Like to place certain parts of my model on certain tags so as I can call out the name of the tag (To specify wall types etc).

Currently there’s no auto text function for showing the tag you’ve applied to the group or components in the model. Could be a good feature request, though. In the meantime, you could use one of the advanced attribute fields to type in the tag you’ve put on the component (components can have advanced attributes, groups cannot) and then use it for auto text in a label. Or you could use the Dynamic Component feature to add a custom attribute for the tag and use that in the label auto text.

I don’t know what is exposed to the Ruby API but it might be possible to write an extension that would automatically iterate through the model and add the tags you’ve put on the components to one of the Advanced Attribute fields.

While tagging in SketchUp can be helpful in organizing the specific type of walls, it’s usage is mainly for representation layering or visibility (color by tag).
There is another type though, Classification where you can be more specific with the help of standard classification system, or your own (a bit work, though)

Plus : you can add multiple tags (one per classification)
Min: if you want to use a label with more than one attribute, you need to do it by hand.
Information is displayed in Dynamic Component Options dialog

first, you might need to add a classification: ( [menu] Window > Model Info > Classification:

Then, LayOut can only read the added attributes of components, groups have less info. Therefore, all objects need to be a component.
Here, I am adding a local system (NL-SfB 2005) which is used for calculation purposes and permits):

Also added IFC 4 and defined the type in the description:

File saved and send to LayOut, when labeling, a whole bunch of attributes to choose from:

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You can define a Tag and copy paste with the same taged fields

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I consider copy-pasting a workaround:)
If you can setup a scrapbook with different labels, it would be much more consistent and useful.
It should be mapped somewhere on the road:


It should be possible. I have to test @Yoni new release of Flextools wich seems to have smart tags for doors and windows.

Those are probably concatenated in one attribute, once you have altered another (eg area or vertex) it will stick to that. You cannot access other libraries within DC, the team choose DC option dialog to display the classifications, but it should have had it’s own, I guess.

In the latest FlexTools release we added more size attributes that you can choose from inside Layout - They come in various units of length +2 basic fields to enter metadata that would appear before and after the size.

As far as I know, at the moment there is no dynamic component function that recognizes the tag that is assigned to the component.