Auto-Text for Tags in Wire Schematics

Is there a way to create wire tags when creating wire schematics from the auto-text?


Do you mean you would like to use labels to mark individual wires in your schematic? Are you drawing the schematic in LayOut or in SketchUp? If you are drawing them in SketchUp, make each wire a separate component and give it an appropriate name. You can then set the Label tool in LayOut to display the component definition name. You could add more information in the component’s Description field and use that for the auto text or you could add attributes to the component via the Dynamic Components feature and have those attributes be used for auto text fields.

Quick example:

A component in SU with a name and description. Attributes added in the DC Attributes.

In LO showing the various auto text options available.

Thanks DaveR for the explanation of how to do it in Sketchup. However I am trying to do it in Layout. The full drawing is done in Layout as blocks and lines. I really just need a way to do a numeric number scheme. I attached a simple drawing of what I am trying to accomplish. Where it says Wire-tag is where I could use an auto text tag.

Headliners Club Drawings Pg.9.pdf (40.3 KB)

Well, lines and shapes drawn in LayOut can’t be given any sort of useful names so auto text won’t work with them.

I suppose at this point you could export a CAD file, import it in SketchUp, make the wires components and do as I showed above.