Creating automatic caption/labeling of 2d components



I’m wondering if its possible to create “small” annotations along with a component.

I’m drawing a 2D plan, electrical drawing, and want some ID to every component.
E.g. “Downlight - ID: 236” - then I can have a spreadsheet that explains id 236?
And it would be really nice if this was done automaticlly… *?

Is this possible in sketchup, or can it be done easier in layout?

I really don’t want to do this in layout, but if it’s easier I might have to…


If you are working in 2D LayOut is the place to do it :slight_smile:

I recommend using LayOut.

If this is more for “you” and you don’t need the label to be super visible or be used in a presentation, then I would recommend:


you do need the Pro version to do this automatically
by using dynamic components data can be transfer to excel, then VBA used to sort it to form as desired

You can access the dynamic attributes via labels in layout. However it probably be better using a reference as suggested, to a excel table which can be automatically compiled and manually imported

If you have pro, and need some help to create a BOM and table system then I can help
(plus, there is a good chance that the Sketchup guys may improve BIM with the next release)

As an alternative, since you are only using 2D symbols, how about building it completely in excel?, In fact its very similar to layout as drawing software, the symbols can be saved then drag and dropped, even automate via VBA.
The cells make an excellent scale-able grid system for locating, that can be toggled.
Before I did automation with Auto Cad, I used excel to draw framing and steel layouts (12 years ago)

your call



Yeah, I’m using Pro

The thing is that I already have done a great deal of work in sketchup.

Drawing in excel? :smiley:
I have a dwg model beneath, so I think I have to stick to sketchup or layout :wink:
Even bought sketchup pro for this particular project…

What is BOM and BIM?


BOM = bill of materials
BIM = building information modeling

placing data within the model other than just the lines

The question— is this a one off project or is it a possible career?. If a one off, then as Alex said,

I checked the warehouse

if you download this then run a report (file menu / generate report) will get a data file which would give you an idea of the exported data
Now display the same warehouse example in layout, then attach a label call out to say the fan to get the attribute.

So for a one off you could sort the excel sheet manually and insert it in to layout as you previously mentioned.

However if this is a career, then one builds a collection of components and add meaningful data to them,The fan example instead of being 3 components of different sizes would be a scale_able dynamic component with options of your known stock and the ability to add a model, cost,style…or custom data. A simple fan-1 would refer to the imported table designed as you want with description and quantity.

Its all about time


Ok, thank you very much.

I think I have to move my work over to layout, then build my own models.
The symbols in europe/norway is different from anything I can found in the warehouse. Anyway I get them as I want if I make them myself.

The problem I’m having with layout is the importing of dwg and placing them as background. I’ve had some issues with resizing etc. I’ll try to find a tutorial, maybe someone has som great resources/tutorials??


Is this not the way to use Layout? Can someone chime in? Are you trying to create a 2D drawing in Layout to scale?


You cannot import DWG files into LayOut. You can import them into SketchUp to full scale, build your 3D model using them as reference, and then place views of the SketchUp model into LayOut to scale for publishing.



Oh, sorry :slight_smile: thats what I meant, I’m starting in sketchup.

What I was asking about, which I found out of, was the rendering.

Anyway I have some problems in layout vs sketchup. e.g. how to make a component/object containing text ( like flat 3d text in sketchup ) ??