Creating a Lighting Plot in Layout


Greetings everyone,

I have had the pleasure of using Sketchup for several years to quickly render set concepts for live events. I am hoping to come up with a solution to start generating all of my 2D Plans in Layout to simplify my workflow into one production suite.

What I need to try “emulate” is system (Nemetschek Spotlight) that allows for one set of components to be utilized with multiple sets of information. I have been reading about component dictionaries and think this may be one of the keys, but I wonder if anyone has tackled this type of challenge already and can help point me in the right direction.

The attached image is a small portion of a rather simple drawing. I would like to have the ability to have 3 or 4 fields of Unique Identifiers that attach to every component. The components would ideally still be components in that if the way the element is drawn it will translate to all of its similar components, but the dataset would remain unique.

I thank anyone in advance for any support and will gladly provide any more info I can if needed.


Rob Smith



Yes. You can attach attribution information to individual instance through the SketchUp ruby api.

Since you posted the question on the LayOut section of the forum, be aware that LO currently does not have an API and attributes created through the SU API and attached to the model or its component instances can only be exposed in SketchUp.

I hope this helps



Thanks for your quick reply Chris.

But it is a disappointment as LO is definitely required to make proper
looking paperwork.

One more for the wish list I suppose.

Thanks again.



This may help: As of LayOut 2015, LayOut labels can display user-visible attributes set on dynamic components.

As an example, save a model with the default “Steve” component, and then import this model into LayOut. Now create a label on the Steve component, and you should be able to choose the “Steve’s glasses” item, which corresponds to the dynamic component attribute “color” in the model.



I was thinking dynamic components and dictionaries would be a path to try.

Thanks for the reply Marc.


Hi Rob-

Just talked to Chris off-line and he pointed out that you’re looking for a per-instance attribute, but the dynamic component attributes I mentioned are at the definition level. Basically, any attribute that shows up in the SketchUp “Component Options” dialog will also be available in LayOut in the label tool. So, that may not be exactly what you’re hoping for.