Pulling data into LayOut problems

I need to pull into layout labels from dynamic components info - for example LenY. Everything is set up properly (visibility for users), but there is no chance to use it in label in LayOut - I can not see this label option. Other labels (options) I create myself is useable.

Any advance? Thank you.

the only thing is to set up an attribute to reflect the value of LenY, maybe use name to express
="box " & leny & " x " & lenx

I am sorry, but don’t understand “use name to express”. Label text is set up as it is default, and still not for use in LayOut.

you need to nominate your own attributes that will be shown on the option dialog and use them to report the inbuilt attributes

an example may help, box.skp (30.3 KB)

whilst in layout you will notice, if you place the label on an edge you have the choice to nominate that as your label value, or on a face a choice of volume, or area if you click on the face item on the dialog form.

Normally one would use dimensions to notate an objects length, height, etc… The attribute system allows one to create a dynamic description of the object, that is notes that dimensions can not express which are more appropriate for labels

Hi all-

I would expect LenX to show up in LayOut - let me investigate and I’ll report back.



I filed a bug for us to fix this issue - there appears to be a mismatch between the values that are displayed in SketchUp->Dynamic Component Attributes and the LayOut label tool.


Nominations of values works. Not very comfortable, but propably necessary. Thanks a lot PCMOOR!

Hi, I have downloaded your example and found it is exactly what I am trying to do. I, unfortunately, have know idea how you accomplished it.

I can not get any of the stock attributes to show up in Layout. I have created custom attributes but can not figure out how to link them to a function.

LenZ will not show up as a selection in Layout.
Custom attribute I have added labeled “length” does not affect the length of the component.

Am I missing something simple?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

have you created any relation or formulas in your attributes, (assuming you are new to this the fx button toggles the results and formulas) so in the example

then in layout, you can choose the required label

if still unclear, can you post one of your components and we can work through the process

Hey Phil,

Thanks so much for the timely and helpful response. I’m going to work on
it later today. I’m a spreadsheet junkie so I think I’m really going to
enjoy working with the formulas in sketch up.

I am surprised at the lack of (or my ability to find) information out there
on the more advanced skills. My goal, eventually, is to design a detailed
cabinet line with built in pricing that reflects size modifications.

Thanks again for the help.


Layout import tables as well : I have made an example of how you can make use of it .see this item here :