Need for a text label that can be used in dynamic components


Maybe I am missing something but I have not yet been able to find any mechanism that I can use to put a text label on a dynamic component whose text can be derived from an attribute of the dynamic component. I am using SketchUp to draw wall panels whose size and content is dynamic. I would like to do something as simple as having a visible text object on the panel that displays the panel name or number. Also I want to be able to attach the text to a specific location on the object and have it stay there as the view is changed. So far the only kind of text I have found that stays put is 3D text but 3D text is not itself dynamic. If I want to change the label on a given dynamic wall panel my only option seems to be to edit into the component, delete the 3D text and replace it with new text. That is very clumsy and time consuming.


I’m surprised an extension does not already exist - maybe one does because it is entirely possible to have dynamic labels via an extension. I imagine it could take long time to update labels if there are many of them.