Dynamic label in a dynamic component


I saw some postings about the text tool with some different kind of behaviour during SU versions, but it was not what i’am looking for.

I need a label, like a sticker, on a box ( DC ), that label should be dynamically calculated from attributes.
I cann’t find a way to do that, but I am guessing that I am missing something here.

Any suggestions? Or if not is there a plugin for this? Can’t find that either.

Thank you


Try the alert function:



Thank you, but is not what I need. Yes I need an Alert but also a label.

This is a project for local use and as a test case. I want to label each box so that when I click on the label to see ( using an alert ) what it contains.

Also for none SU users I have to print the box rows and stacks in Layout, so I need there also the Label.


I think the best one do is to use the instance name, for various cases. Can change but need to update or replace label
_name returns the original component name but does not change
The report can be set to use entity name as saved to the file

instance names.skp (62.5 KB)

Please note you cannot use the Name attribute, as this would overwrite the instance name. For subs must use parent! instead of the dialog name