Add Label 2d text from dynamic component attribute


does somebody know, how i can add a 2d text from dynamic component attributes?

As example: if the component has the attribute “lenx” , how can i add this value directly into the 2d label, when i will give him the text inside the drawing.

Thx in advance,


Other than using the attribute access of labels in layout, can’t do.
However placing a dimension line within the component will give you lenX within sketchup.

lenX.skp (25.2 KB)

Hi Philip ( @pcmoor ), this is old topic, I know…
I just started to deal with the DC’s and I cant figure out how did you create the prefix for the dimension and still keep the dimension dynamically change. I can create a dimension line, but without additional text in it…
So how can I create it? Or how can I change the “lenX” to e.g.: “with=” [actual dimension]?
Please guide me to the “magic”!

hi dezmo,
you use lenx = <>
the <> is a the “smart tab” for the measure

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Check out this (old) topic, as well:

I think the line feed does not work any more. Though…

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I could have thought it was that simple… Thanks both of You!