Text Label Tool and Dynamic Components

In older versions of SU (pre 2014), I could use the text label tool on a dynamic component and the auto text would contain the name of the parent level of that component. For example, a DC named DB3 (a drawer box with 3 drawers) would return “DB3” with the text labeling tool. At version 2014 and after, the text labeling tool returns the name of the sub component at which the arrow is pointing (end panel, top, drawer face, etc.)

I submitted the issue to SU and they acknowledged that they had changed the way that works intentionally, and also said they would submit to SU a request to have a modifier key attached to the labeling tool (Ctrl / Alt, for instance) to change the functionality and provide the parent level label in the auto text. If I click with the labeling tool I get whatever I click on - if I Ctrl-Click I get the parent label - or something like that. It looks as if they have neglected to add that functionality to SU 2015 Pro. It’s a major hassle because we provide labeled shop drawings and the volume of labeling we do is very high - we’ve already named all of our components and having to retype the label is not only tiresome, but a major waste of time and money and leads to mistakes.

Has anyone heard of any SU plugins that will provide the functionality I’ve described? Any thoughts on how to get SU to add the functionality?

In version 2015, the label tool in LayOut has new auto-text options you could try (haven’t tried them myself either).


I have this same problem, and its 2017. I have SU 2016, but havent upgraded to 2017. Is this resolved in 2017? The ability to have your leader choose the Shell Component and be linked to the component name, rather than a static leader that has to be changed if you end up changing the name of the component?
Let me know,

I’m here for the same reason today. Has this been fixed with new updates? If so, what is the solution? Thanks!

Yesss, please provide a way to label the parent combo !!!