Component/Parts Identification problem

I’ve created a library of components for the company I’m working on in order to make annotated details later. My components have pre-identified instances. When I’m in the layout section, I try to identify them with the automatic text, but Sketchup does not detect any anchoring in the cut parts, which forces me to manually identify these parts (long and unwanted operation). Which option would allow me to be able to identify all the pieces visible in my details only by pointing them with the text tool?

Do you mean that you are displaying the parts with section cuts?

Can you share an example LO file with one of your parts?

The only good way at the moment is to create attributes in a “dynamic_attributes” dictionary attached to the definition or perhaps instance. You can do this with the Component Attributes window of the Dynamic Components extension. (It has a toolbar for quick opening of it’s dialogs.)

yes, but the instance’s name should be accessible through LayOut’s label tool.

I think we might be confused about the word ‘layout’. (Op doesn’t mean the program LayOut)

LayOut has this funcionality:

Do you mean a LayOut viewport looking at a SketchUp model ?

Posting images might help us understand your problem.

Here is an exemple of my problem. The first two parts on my detail work perfectly, but the two other have no anchoring… It’s like Sketchup don’t detect them.

Ah so it is LayOut (changed the category) Pls upload the file for investigation…

The second 2 are groups and not component instances. This is difference in behavior.

I think the level of nesting is important, the label tool is ‘set’ by the first, you have to click on the down arrow to see more attributes

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