Auto Text in Layout

Is it possible to create a Tag in Auto Text for the ‘Scene’ that I’m using?

Hi Diane,

You can create a label with the scene name. And if you don’t want to see the leader, edit the Stroke Color in Shape Style and make it transparent. Will that o the trick?
Screenshot - 3_22_2023 , 7_13_15 AM

Hi Dave, nice to hear from you. I was hoping for something more automatic like the page numbering auto text feature, but that may be a bit more futuristic haha. Yes that’ll do the trick.
Thank you as always, you’re the best.

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Good to hear from you, too, Diane.

It could be made more automatic if you set up your template correctly. You could make a proxy SketchUp model with something simple like a cube, insert that into your LayOut template, and set up the viewports on the pages. After you have that done, add the labels to show the scene names.

Delete the geometry and save your proxy SketchUp model file as a template for your future projects. Of course save the project file with the project name. When you are ready to go to LayOut, open your LayOut template and instead of inserting the project .skp, go into Document Setup>References, select the proxy.skp file and relink it to your project file.

Another possible option would be to set up the first viewport with the label and then copy both together. When you change the scene for the new viewport in the SketchUp panel the Label will automatically update with the new scene name.

Obviously both of these require planning ahead but that’s not a bad thing. :wink:

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Brilliant! Thank you once again.
Yes, planning ahead is so important when dealing with a large model that has many intended uses for that model.

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