SketchUp Layout Auto-Text Tag notation

Does anybody know what are the scripts for auto-text tags:

  1. / ?AllPages? - I mean that the second number must be the number of all pages (ex: 1/48)?

  2. ??CurrentScale?? - mean to get current scale from the current scene (ex: 1:100)?

  3. How to name pages automaticly with the names of the scenes?

See the bottom of this page for a list of available Auto-Text tag types. I don’t think what you’re looking for is currently available.

For “Page 1 of 48” I usually do like this:

Page <PageNumber> of <TotalPages>

Then, in my Layout template file, <TotalPages> is set to a placeholder of “X”, so when I am complete with the document, I swap the “X” with the total number of pages in the document.

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A pathway for creating multi page docs with automatic page labels of the sketchup scenes.

I do the same, but looking for automatic process. Thanks for the link. Now I see that is not available.

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This extension is a good idea, but it’s not developped. I can’t use layout template with this extension. This take me a lot of time to change the template for each page (I don’t know how to change the template for all pages in one click). It is not a solution for now.

Yeah. That’s true this method will not support custom templates, wish it could.

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