Autotext - total number of pages. <numberofpages>

We have < pagenumber > but no autotext for total number of pages.

Like to mark layout drawings with page 1/12 (1 of 12), but if i add another page i need to manually enter the total number.

Been missing this a while in Layout. Seams like an easy fix to just have this as an autotext.


Hi Thomas,

I agree that this is something that we should have had a long time ago. Unfortunately, other work had been prioritized over adding new auto-text tags since we added them initially back in 2014(!). This is something that we would like to address in the near term.



Thanks for suggesting Autotext - total number of pages. I would also like to display at least one skp file name in Autotext.

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Another useful label autotexts would be viewport scene name and scale.


thanks for the information.

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