Page x of x autotext

Checking in again on a TotalPages auto text field.

I know that some folks do it manually when their drawing set is completed, but in our fabrication shop we often are in production and generating additional pages at the same time, so it doesn’t work for us.

This would be beyond helpful, and it was first bandied about on this forum in 2014.
(whispering: that’s eight years ago…)

There is really no way for LO to know how many external relevant pages you have. If you place a single cell from a spreadsheet one for the page number and one for the total and maintain the spreadsheet judiciously it will update the field in all your layout files each time you open them. I personally keep a project data spreadsheet that fills in a bunch of cells scattered threw-out my layout files and title block.

While I understand that it is possible to work around this by creating an external project data spreadsheet and maintaining it judiciously, I’d much prefer (and it doesn’t seem unreasonable to ask) for Layout to simply keep a running total number of pages from the pages tray (not external relevant pages, but pages created in the document) and offer it as an auto text field.

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PageCount is already available as autotext.
What version are you working with?

2022–only shows PageName and PageNumber.
I’d LOVE to be wrong!

Screenshot - 10_9_2022 , 1_32_52 PM

Screenshot - 10_9_2022 , 1_34_15 PM

Thanks Dave (and Mike)!
Why wouldn’t that choice show up in the Auto-Text choices in Document Setup?

There’s really no need for it to be there. There’s nothing to format in your template. It’s just a page count.

I can live with that.
Thanks again.

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PageCount doesn’t show up in my “insert auto-text” drop-down.
AND, if I type < PageNumber > of < PageCount >, I get “1 of < PageCount >”
And update manager says I have the latest version installed.
(I am seeing a vast conspiracy…)


Does it work to type < PageCount > without any spaces into the text box?

yeah, weird–see above.

Edited while I was typing. I don’t know why Jack and I have it but you don’t.

@adam ?

Are you using an old Template?
It wouldn’t be in it automatically.
Use the + sign to add one and then choose the Page Count type.

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That’s it!
I am very grateful for the help.

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I see that now. I just loaded 2022. I use multiple LO files so still using my work around.

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