Autotext number in set


Is there a way to get the total number of sheets in a Layout file to display automatically using AutoText?

For example sheet A1.01 of 20 20 being the total number of sheets in the LayOut file.

I would like to do this so as I add more pages to the file, the total on each sheet in the set automatically updates.


There’s no way to do this automatically (yet). You could add a custom Auto-Text tag for the this, but you would have to update it by hand when you change the number of pages. This is definitely on our list of requested features.



This picture always shows the total numer of pages, but the automatic update doesn´t exist yet.


Woops, Sory. Just created a duplicate for this request. Consider that Total Number in Set should perhaps equal just those Sheets included in the Presentation -the blue monitor Icon to the Right of the Page Info Line.



Any progress on this feature? Is there a place to up-vote or add upgrades to Layout? I’m starting a design build business and being able to know if I am missing a page is crucial. Thanks in advance,


How about that?


Aye, pager numbers are not the issue. We are looking for total pages so it would be possible to automate something like “page x of y”. Layout provides the x as you have shown but we still need to manually update the Total Pages at this stage. I created an auto text to do this but as mentioned it needs to be updated if pages are added or subtracted, e.g page of


I do this at the end of the job, when I have to print and I will not have to add more pages


And I still think that the big question to solve for the next two or three LayOut aupdates are the drawing number and the sheet number


While it would be nice to have the total number of pages as Auto text, I do like Eduardo and edit the number of pages at the end as part of my final touches. I have a text box set up with Auto text for the page number like so: of X

Maybe one of these days we’ll see this option in a new version of LayOut but until then, I think the option is pretty easy to deal with.


I use the letter “x” instead of “TotalPages”, so it looks strange and I do not forget to make the change to the definitive number of pages at the end of the job



How would you define the drawing number?


How about a new type (eg. PageSheet) which you can Format the way Date type’s can:

with PageNumber or PageName or other tags in the Format


Sometimes it is necessary to draw a dash line type and identify it with a “label” stating that the detail of that drawing will be on another sheet. Therefore, on this label, you must be informed on which sheet this detail will be and what is the sequence numbering of the detail of the drawing on the respective page in which it is found. The point is that this whole process still has no way to automate in LayOut, because the most that the program does is to program the text to be a label (auto text), but the program still can not bind a viewport with a numbering of labels. …

I do not know if I could make myself clear


Hi all-

I agree that “totalPages” should be available as a built-in AutoText value. Until we get that done, Eduardo’s strategy of having a placeholder value that is manually updated is probably the best solution.

I also agree that automated numbering of drawing numbers would be excellent, especially if we also integrated some way to generate a table of contents or a drawing list.

I will make sure that this thread is linked to those feature requests in our system.