Autotext for total pages


I am in the process of making a custom template within layout. I am making use of the autotext feature but cannot find any autotext for total number of pages. I’m trying to do something like this:

< pageNumber > / < totalpages >

Where the slash is just plain text (The spaces between the angle brackets and the autotext are needed otherwise the post deletes them, they are not supposed to be there). Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?



There isn’t a Total Pages option in Autotext. It has been requested.

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Hi Martin,

As Simon said, there is currently no auto-text tag for page total currently. This is one of a number of auto-text tags that we are aware of that users would find useful. We would love to be able to add a new set of auto-text tags in a future release, but we can’t promise when that might happen.

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Would really love this feature, especially important when having the drawings printed by a third party, a visual check can be performed on the physical documents to ensure that all pages have been printed successfully since we know the total count.

Should I add in a feature request post for this or is there a better way to vote for a feature? Am thinking the two ones I have hit with dimensioning for radi and total page autotext, both for layout.

Thanks again,


There’s little point adding it as a feature request. As Adam indicated, the developers already know about it. Radius and diameter dimensioning is also already on their list.