Autotext tag problems

Ok, so I have a couple problems with the auto text.

  1. If you look at the first tag in the list you will see there is nothing between the <>. It is also labeled as a page count. but when I went to delete that it changed all my dimensions to 3.

  2. When I attempt to make a “” auto text as a “custom text” it says “Duplicate Name.”
    I don’t see where that tag is? I tried using it and nothing happened.

Can you share the LayOut document?

Arrrow smith CE building.layout (683.0 KB)
this is the file without the “tilde”

Im not sure if I shared that properly

Arrrow smith CE building.layout (683.0 KB)

Empty tags are used in dimensions, better to delete the top one and create a new.

Any idea why I can’t create one called ? does it exist internally?

Yes, by dimensions. What is the purpose of an empty autotext?
Curious :face_with_monocle: