How to do page number on a multi page doc?

I am drawing a multi page construction doc. I am having problems with being able to number each page differently. Either every page is the same number or no number shows up at all.

For example I want my pages to go A1.1, A1.2, A1.3, A 2.1, A2.2, E 1.1, E1.2, etc.

Probably the easiest method if I can figure it out would to simply put in the numbering manually which I have no problem doing.

When I try that layout automatically puts the same number on every page, even after I took out the auto text.

My title block is saved as a group so that is shows up on all my pages. The page numbers go at the bottom of the title block.

You can use Auto Text to add the numbers and let it pick up Page Numbers or Page Names automatically. Page Names probably makes the most sense because you can set the page names in the Pages panel and when you want to go to a specific page, i.e A2.2, you can select it from the Pages list.

Can you not create multiple auto-text number sets like so?

#1 - A1.X
#2 - A2.X
#3 - A3.X

Then, in the auto-text panel set each set’s starting point?

The trick would be having each set on every page but on their own layer so you can turn on only the set that is specific that set of pages.

True/Not True?

You can do that but naming the pages seems like a better route when you have to switch between pages as you’re working.

Personal preference I guess. Prefer to use the Page list for page titles instead of numbers so I know what’s on that page.

Indeed! So different methods available.

You could create a couple of auto texts on a template file and place them on a string of text, next to each other. Something like this:

A.1.Open PageNumA Close (I can not use the actual smaller than or bigger than character)

and set all these parameters per layout file.
You can also have different autotexts for page numbering, with different starting pages. All this can be set in the autotext pane.
The page number text would be on regular layer, not a shared one.

It´s a bit cumbersome but should work. I would do this only if the document has many pages, otherwise, I would use Open PageName Close instead.

PgNumTest.layout (31.1 KB)

You have better explained my method. That’s exactly how I do it.

I have A, E, M, C all on layers to control visibility

Then I put the numbering in < PageNum > and set it’s page start in the preferences.

note: separate the < with a space from the text within. Stops it from looking like code.

Have an auto text for each letter.

:wink: good to see you on the forums.

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