A way to make the auto text page number include prefixes?

It seems like there HAS to be a way for the sketchup auto text feature to include prefixes. In all architectural or structural plans I have seen the number is never simply “1, 2, 3, …”. Typically we see “A100, A101, A200, A201, S300, S301, …”. I know you can simply add text to fill in before the auto text page number (e.g. A00), but that isn’t super useful.

In the same vain, is there a way to make your viewport titles match the page number exactly? I am finding that there is not due to the same situation described above. Where you almost always need to include a letter and multiple numbers to your page numbers.

This seems like it would be a very easy feature to add… Just let me put pretext before the auto text numbering…

I may have misunderstood your requirement but I do something like this for drawing references which consist of a job number followed by a drawing number. I set up a template for the job that has the job number repeating on any new page but the drawing number uses autotext (so pagex = drawingx). But I think that is what you are calling not “super useful”. So I am not sure what would be.

There currently isn’t an automatic way to add a prefix. If there was, though, how would Auto Text know when to change the prefix?

Well you could make different sets of page numbers. Maybe that’s what you’re really looking for?

See attached example
Sections.layout (14.2 KB)

Good point. That would be a problem in the examples I gave. For my uses, I actually just want the prefix to remain the same throughout the entire layout.

I guess maybe I could just establish a in the auto text for this? And use it before my page numbers and my viewport titles?

You could do that but just adding A00 or whatever before the auto text page number would be easy enough. And as @pyroluna suggests, setting up a template this way would make it a one time thing.

Yeah I have been using a template for this. Which is actually what brought up my question because most of my layout files will a prefix, but they won’t necessarily be the same prefixes. If that makes sense. I was using the “A00” before the autotext page number, but then would have to go through and manually change each one per layout file.

I established a auto text custom text in the template so I can just “set it and forget it” at the beginning. That seems to do what I am looking for.

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