Layout page number auto text on all document except for Title Page and Index Pages

Is there a way I can have the auto text feature for page numbering to start somewhere in the body of my report, rather than on all pages including the title pages and index pages?

Yes. Go into Document Setup and edit that for Page Number. Make sure the page number auto text box is on a shared layer.
Screenshot - 8_2_2023 , 8_51_12 AM

Got it. Thank you. :+1:

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I have an additional trick I use based on the advice of others here on the forum in my CDs. My “main” drawing set has the title, index, and general drawings in it, numbered exactly as you’re doing. If I’m adding specific sections like structural, electrical, plumbing, etc., each of those is a separate layout file that only consists of inside pages, and in the title block, I create a prefix section before the auto-text, so it reads “S-01” or “E-01” as desired.

This keeps my layout file sizes smaller and easier to work with, allows the indexing to be clear and easy to navigate, and you don’t have to make the auto-text do backflips in order to achieve it. At the end, I export the PDFs, then merge them into one document. This also makes it less painful if you need to add sheets after you’ve done all your markups, because it has less of a chance of throwing all your references off by a page (not that it’s ever happened to me lol).