Table of contents in Layout?

Hi Community

i would like to make a table of contents in Layout
Layout generates my drawing number automatic (autotext)

some of you have a good idea for a solution ?

i like to have.
drawings number
last change letter
page number

Best regards
Christian C

Hi Christian,

I’ve recently tried to create one of these (on a PC) and discovered that MAC computers (much to my fiancee’s delight) have superior table features that PC platform’s running SU & layout currently don’t have.

I would love to get this feature up and running as I’ve just created a tender pack of docs at 60 pages and had to do a manual table with no auto-fill/linked text fields.

I had a look at the auto-text fields and tried to get the page numbers & titles into a table (or even as free text on my manual version of my table of contents).

I must admit I’m used to programs such as Adobe In-Design being fantastic at making this process very easy as well as applying things like type styles to a document as well as more advanced text formatting / alignment tools.

I imagine there are a lot more users out there who are also keen to see this feature up and running!

Hopefully someone clever than me - maybe one of the developers - can help move this along?



Now that SketchUp 2018 has a LayOut API, I’ve developed an extension to auto-generate a table of contents/sheet list for any LayOut file. You can try it out here:

I’d be glad to hear any feedback that you have!


Thanks Andrew, good on you! However I’m running SU & Layout 2016 as we are not happy with some of the rendering and other functionality in 2017 and 2018. Once these issues are resolved we’ll happily make the change to SU2018 & layout.

It would be great if LayOut would have Table of Contents supported nativity. This is very frustrating when I need to create this list manually, and when the list is ready I need to add some extra pages to it. It should be generated automaticity.