Layout export file with name of the page

Perhaps this quick one is something like you wanted… :innocent:
Be aware that I’ve never used Layout, and this is the very first time involving the Layout Ruby API into my code!

Other Notes :

  • You have to install and use this Extension in SketchUp (I don’t even think there is possibility in Layout)
  • No warranties! Use your own risk! Save your work before use it! Etc. … etc….
  • Not fully polished, not tested enough.
  • SU2020.1 or newer required.
  • Not tested on MAC. (I don’t have it.)
  • My mother never talked to me in English.

Dezmo_Print_Layout_to_imgs_test.rbz (33.1 KB)


The renaming schema e.g:
Layout file name: mylayout.layout
The page names there: Scene 1, Scene 2, Scene 3, Scene 4

The extension will generate this files, in a same directory where the layout file located:

mylayout-Scene 1_1.png
mylayout-Scene 2_2.png
mylayout-Scene 3_3.png
mylayout-Scene 4_4.png


mylayout-Scene 1_1.jpg
mylayout-Scene 2_2.jpg
mylayout-Scene 3_3.jpg
mylayout-Scene 4_4.jpg

(So the “system” is still attaching the page number at the end of the file name.)