Layout Page Name Export To PDF


Anyone know if there is likely to be any movement / development on this - I’ve put up a couple of posts on Sketchucation regarding this.

Being able to export more than one page of a PDF and being able to do this for individual pages in a sequence (1,5,15) rather than as a run of pages in a sequence (1-15) would be great.

Also being able to export by file and page name would be incredibly useful - would save a lot of error prone file renaming (post export) and its a feature that lots of other drafting packages have. Id love to be able to name a file, label the pages and choose what pages to export and whether to export them as individual PDFs that have the file name as a prefix and the page name as a suffix eg,

File name = 123-ABCD-4567
Page name = 01_A_General Arrangement
could export as = 123-ABCD-4567 - 01_A_General Arrangement

At the moment I have to break up my PDFs in Acrobat and manually rename them. On projects that have documents with lots of pages and clients that are forever changing their mind, re-naming all the files is very time consuming and its very easy to make mistakes.