Layout Page Name Export To PDF

Anyone know if there is likely to be any movement / development on this - I’ve put up a couple of posts on Sketchucation regarding this.

Being able to export more than one page of a PDF and being able to do this for individual pages in a sequence (1,5,15) rather than as a run of pages in a sequence (1-15) would be great.

Also being able to export by file and page name would be incredibly useful - would save a lot of error prone file renaming (post export) and its a feature that lots of other drafting packages have. Id love to be able to name a file, label the pages and choose what pages to export and whether to export them as individual PDFs that have the file name as a prefix and the page name as a suffix eg,

File name = 123-ABCD-4567
Page name = 01_A_General Arrangement
could export as = 123-ABCD-4567 - 01_A_General Arrangement

At the moment I have to break up my PDFs in Acrobat and manually rename them. On projects that have documents with lots of pages and clients that are forever changing their mind, re-naming all the files is very time consuming and its very easy to make mistakes.

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No one replied to this?

Evidently no one knows the answer. Or those who do aren’t saying. SketchUp and LayOut developers and other team members are not permitted to speak about possible new features or when they might be released. The rest of us know as much about this as you do.

I wrote this 6 years ago so I’d say it’s not on anyone’s radar anymore…

Still think more flexibility and options with pdf exports would be good.