2 things from release notes I don't understand

I can’t find this:
Layout Export Improvements – When exporting your document, you can now choose multiple page ranges at once. Exports will now include page names alongside the file name.

It would be really cool if export could batch export pdf´s to individual files with page names as file names. But I don’t see any of this in the export dialog.

And dont understand this:
Rectangle Inferences – When drawing a rectangle on a face, you can now inference to edges within that face, meaning your rectangle can align with any edge in the same plane as the face it’s being drawn on.

you can export page 1, 3, 17, 38 as one pdf, instead of having to export all 38 pages.

true. you’re not the first to mention that, I hope it’s on the work.

until 23, making a rectangle on a face with non perpendicular sides would still make a rectangle aligned to the axis. now, as you can see, approaching a non aligned line while drawing will orient the rectangle.
if you want the old behaviour, you’ll have to use the arrows to force the inference

thanks. I fiddled with the rectangle but did not see what you shown, until after I saw you video…

LAYOUT: Exports will now include page names alongside the file name. Still can’t see where they are added. :slight_smile: