Export certain pages to PDF

Just about finished with my plans and can not believe/find a way to export a range of pages and not the entire file.
The “presentation” option has no effect on printing or exporting.
in the PDF options window i can select a range only.

example, I need the pages 1-3 and then trade specific ie. paged 8-12 for concrete foundations.

is there a way to select pages piece meal?

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You can do a singe range at a time. but that’s far short of having a nice input box where you could combine pages ranges, and random pages in general, all separated by a comma.

I see two options here, both workarounds which probably take as long to set up as for you to just run a series of prints.

  1. Make a copy of your file. delete all the pages you don’t want to print… and of course print everything that’s left. Delete entire file when done.

  2. Rearrange the page sequencing within the Pages window so that your target pages do fall within a single range, and print that.

You’ve raised a good point here, and I hope the SketchUp/Layout team add this feature in pretty quickly… shouldn’t be too hard to do, but it would be a very useful option to have.

I’m on a Macbook Pro and I find page range options within the print dialog window (albeit, only of a single range), and the same single range choice is also available on the Export to pdf function under the PDF export options.

Thanks for the reply, I did what you described in option 1. It works but takes time. Most likely i will just send the entire file when PDF. If i need to print I will go the extra step.

Thanks again.

I would probably just print the entire document and remove the unneeded pages in Acrobat or other PDF editor. In my job there is such a lot of PDF files generated from diverse applications moving around that a PDF editor is a must.


Layout’s PDF exporter allows you to save ranges. Why not just export pages 1-3 to one file, then export pages 8-12 to another? Am I missing something?

You are not missing anything. It is only if you wanted to send blue prints to different trades, and the plan set was 30-40 pages, it would be nice to select the warranted pages for a specific trade.

Considering the “presentation” feature. It seams odd not to have it for print/export.


I see what you mean. I just checked the print function in LO and found that you can select under “Page Range” individual pages separated by a comma, so you could select odd pages in any order you wanted. Then you could “print” to a PDF printer ( I have Microsoft Print to PDF) thereby getting only the pages you needed in PDF format. Does that help?

Putting my penny’s worth in here… I have just come up against this issue. I want to export around 50-60% of 15 pages, all dotted about in the document - eg. 1-6, 9, 11,13, 15 etc. so not in any nice ‘ranges’. It’s a mystery that Layout can’t have an option yet. It has an option for the pages to be 'included in presentation, but why on earth have no option to export the ‘visible only’ pages to a pdf when the file format is the norm for a printed presentation? It’s beyond me. I hope they sort it one day.

As far as I know, there’s actually the way (but I don’t know what exactly) to export some specific pages from the project to PDF, but it requires a lot of time and could be quite a challenging thing to do. To me, the way easier solution here would be to export the whole project as PDF document and then to cut everything you don’t need with the editor like this one https://990-pf.pdffiller.com/ There are dozens of similar applications, both software and web-based, and some of them are free, unlikely this one, but you might well get your free trial period, get your job done and that’s all

I appreciate this is an old thread, but I have just been challenged by a similar issue. Yes, as per everyone else I need to export selected pages, but what is becoming a problem is the growing trend for drawing recipients to request 1 page per file for upload to their servers. I assume Trimble Connect has adopted a similar regime. So, please can Layout’s PDF export give us the ability to batch export to individual pages?

It would be nice if the exported file name also had a way to adopt the drawing number rather than just the Page Number.

Slightly off topic, but the ability to override the rudimentary Page Number and sort the entries would be very helpful.