Layout - Print or Export 'Selected Pages'

As per the title I would like to be able to print to .pdf or export to .pdf, various “Selected Pages”. ie. page 1, 5, 15, 23 etc. and NOT a defined page range ie. 1-15. This is a common feature in other cad software. I have a large Layout document from which I want to be able to create various .pdf sets for all the relevant stake holders without having to create multiple layout files. This means if there are any document format changes I don’t have to reconcile these changes across 10 different layout files. The print selected pages option is greyed out in the print dialogue.
Thanks for your help.

And the option for Current page too. Having to change the page numbers for a single sheet is frustrating.

If you export to PDF, what you want to do may be possible, depending on your PDF software. But I agree that it would be nice to have the option from within Layout.

Thanks. I’m unpleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t just me overlooking something simple and it is in fact a lacking feature. With the prices Trimble is now charging for this software it seems reasonable to expect some of these basic things to be added.

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