Layout 2021 - PDF Export - Feature request

Is it possible to get an PDF Export/Print feature who always print Current page.
When I print a set of drawings and always want to print “Current” page it had been nice to have a check box for that option.

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I suggested this a while back - it would be an excellent feature!

Agree with the previous speakers. I would gladly use such a feature too.

for me personally this would be one single feature that would (almost) certainly get me to subscribe…!


Using “1, 2, 6-10” would also be good.

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Agree with both @TegneKjetil and @JQL.

I know we can rearrange the page sequence in Layout then choose From 1 to 3, instead of All, but I like my pages to always have the same sequence. I create at least 1 new Layout Document per day (I’m a draftsman for basic building). Sometimes I want to send just a few pages for review before completing the rest of the document. Or sometimes only part of the document goes to the customer, and the rest are details only for the building crew.

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