Layout: When exporting PDF, Image or DWG/DXF, please add "Current Page" as an option


This is a small detail, but it would be nice to have “Current Page” as an option when exporting a PDF, Image or DWG/DXF from Layout.

Another option would be to list the Page Names within the export dialog box.

I separate all the Layout functions in 4 different Trays, and many times don’t know the Layout Page number I’m trying to export,(Example, Page Name A5.2 might be Layout page #10) and if that Tray is not open when I go to the Export dialog box, I end up having to close the dialog box, go to the tray and see which Page Number I want, then reopen the Export Dialog box.

It would be much nicer to have the ability to see which page # I’m on and Page Name within the Export Dialog Box.



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