Exporting Layout to .dwg

I am using Layout 2021. I am having trouble exporting to .dwg. I have seen exporting menus in which you can select autocad versions, pages to be exported. I do not see this menu. Where can I find it?

Did you look in File>Export?
Screenshot - 3_19_2021 , 9_46_05 AM

After you provide the file name and location to export to, you should get the panel as shown below.
Screenshot - 3_19_2021 , 9_45_21 AM

Yes, that menu does not come up. It sends me straight to exporting the file.

You aren’t trying to export the CAD file from SketchUp instead of LayOut are you?

When I select File>Export>.dwg/dxf, it goes straight to file name and location. I only have an option to select .dwg or .dxf and it exports all of the pages at one time into a .dwg file. The engineer can’t do anything with this.

No, I am in Layout. I do all of my labeling and dimensioning in Layout.

That’s what it’s supposed to do. After you click Save it should bring up that panel.

Under Export I have the option to select images, PDF, DWG/DXF
Once I have selected Export to DWG/DXF the next screen to open is to select File name>Save as Type and save or cancel

I am using Layout Version 21.0.391 64-bit

For the third time, that’s supposed to be the next screen. After you provide the file name and save to location and click Save, the panel with the options pops up.

Ok, now I feel really stupid. I have gone through that page so many times, I haven’t needed to adjust anything on it before and I never fully read it. This was the first time an engineer had a problem with the way I sent him the file.