Print / Export - Current Page option



Would it be possible to introduce a ‘Current Page’ option to the Print and Export dialogue boxes?

I regularly output single pages from Layout and it seems a bit long-winded to have to check the page number and then change the From & To numbers.


I am on Windows 7, and the Print dialog has both a Selection and a Current Page choice, both both are always grayed out (disabled.)

It does not seem to matter if there is a selection, nor if all pages but one has been checked as “Include in presentation” (in the Pages panel.)

(P.S.- Sam, pls fix your profile. Your occupation is not your Graphics Card. It will help if you list your OS and version also.)


Thanks Dan.

For info I am using SUPro 2016 with Windows 10 64bit and El Capitan on a Macbook and neither has the option to Print or Export the current page in Layout.

Under Windows 10 the Selection & Current Page choices are greyed out as per Dan’s comments about Windows 7.



If i want to print a part from a big A1 plan, eg. only a single floor plan to scale, that fits on an A4 Sheet, i currently export a pdf from the needed page, and then in acrobat reader i use the print-option to print only current view, and under scaling i select “actual size”.

It would be nice if stuff like that could be done from LO directly!