Is there a way to print the current zoomed view in Layout?

Is there a way to print the current view in Layout? if I am zoomed in to a particular part of the layout drawing, is there a way to print the current view rather than the whole drawing? I cannot find an option to print only the current zoomed view

Make a screen shot of the view.

Yep had tried that as a stop gap. Pasted the screen shot into another
package and then printed it. I was just wondering if there was a process in
layout without an external workaround?

You could reduce the paper size and move the content so what you want shows in that space.

hmmm! thats an interesting suggestion. Thanks.

Of course you probably won’t save those changes but I would save the LO file before making that setup.

One other option comes to mind and that is to export as a PDF, zoom in on the area you want to show in the PDF viewer and print that view.

Yeah had thought of that but I think resolution starts to suffer. Anyway I
just wanted to make sure I was not missing an option somwhere inside LO.
And yes you are correct, I would not not want to save that setup as it
would only be used for a quick on the fly, real world check on some aspect
of the final layout

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I was trying to print a view and ended up using the snipping tool that comes in Windows. It produces a .png file that has advantages and disadvantages. The good news is it can be opened and manipulated in MS Paint which most people have.

I would like to see this added to the wish list. for the next version of SU Layout.