Printing to scale quickly

Here’s a question I feel I should know the answer to!

Layout is the ideal tool for presentation output. It makes it possible to print at a given scale.

There are often times when I find I want to print out, say, just a part of a drawing at a known scale. You don’t really want all the faff of exporting to LO to do just that (if you can help it). Is there a way within SU itself?

Good question ! I’ve never found a way other than wang the plan view into a blank LO file…

Simon – does this help?

Just delved into this and have not played with it.

Your profile says you are on 2021 – I’m on 2023.

If you’re still using sketchup 2021 you can print to scale directly from sketchup, this feature was removed with the latest update in sketchup 2023. Anyways I find it faster and easier to just create a scene, send to lay out and export to pdf or print from there.

In short, Paul, no! But probably because I have missed a trick.

I am on a Mac. I can select PDF output and then change the ratio from the default 1:1 to 1:100 (say). But when I print the PDF, it is not to correct scale. It is more like 1:120. Maybe I did something wrong or some other setting is affecting it.

If it did work, it might be handy, although if you have to create a pdf, then open it, then print it, you might as well use LO.

I do still have SU2021. Seems odd to have removed a facility. Maybe no one was using it and so they didn’t notice!

How do you change the SU version on your profile? I am actually on SU 23.

click on your icon > profile > preferences > profile

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 14.49.55.pdf (584.8 KB)

I must be blind! Still can’t see it.

Time to go to the optician. :wink:

You’re not wrong!

All corrected now.

Hmmm… This is what I see currently. Did you scroll to the bottom and save the changes?

Screenshot - 4_4_2024 , 9_12_32 AM