Bring Back Printing at Scale

Please bring back the ability to print to scale directly from SketchUp. (Instead of having to transfer to Layout.) The vast majority of my needs are for a quick print at scale that I can freehand sketch on before returning to SketchUp. The time it takes to send the file to Layout, fuss about with tools I am less familiar with, set up one viewport at scale, and finally print it, is incredibly inefficient for me. It is frustrating that such a simple process was removed from SketchUp. Layout is a tool for setting up documentation, with a number of reasonably sophisticated tools for doing so. It does not eliminate the need for a quick print at a known scale. Please, please, PLEASE, bring this ability back to SketchUp.


you still can. you need to be in paralell projection and in any of the preset views (top, front left …)
then export to PDF and go to options


This is a great tip and I see the option. How do you set it to something like something like 1/4" = 1’ for print?

It has it broken down in a weird way that it don’t get how to actually set it.

IT looks like this is also being covered over here: Bring Back Print To Scale without layout!

Both of these are the same as 1/4" = 1’
Screenshot - 6_12_2024 , 12_36_03 PM

Screenshot - 6_12_2024 , 12_36_20 PM


I shouldnt have used 1’.

so the “in hidden line output” is the first half of the scale and the “In sketchup” is the 2nd part of the scale? You just multiplied by 4 to not have to write a decimal/fraction… Right?

Yes. The output is the “on paper” part of the scale.

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Huh… well I’ll be. Good thing that option isn’t totally hidden behind several conditions. :smiley: Thanks for the tip!

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