Pdf printing from layout

Please could I request input. I have a LO 2024 file with 10 pages. It’s a mix of raster and vector inputs plus some JPG images. Then over those I have utilised LO tools to finish off the drawing.

I am attempting to print 1 page of the 10 pages to PDF. However the print crashes every time. I managed to delete the other 9 pages and saved a version with just the one page that I need to print. I cleared ALL unused references from the single page file. It still didn’t print.

I had the “Output Overide” switched on. After unticking it, I managed to get a print done. However, the PDF print didn’t have the “hidden line” style. Instead it was default style, which has colours and textures.

As this is a live project that I am engaged with, I really would like to understand LO and it’s printing issues, so that I don’t have further issues going forward. Is anyone able to give me clarity? I didn’t have this problem with LO 2023

Are you using the Print dialog or the Export dialog for the PDF? Export is generally the better option. Is LayOut actually crashing or does it just appear to lock up? If it crashes, do you get Bug Splats that you are sending in with your email address attached so they can be connected to you? If it just appears to stop doing anything, what is the state of the tick box for Output Override in Document Setup>Rendering?

Please update your forum profile. It says you’re still using SketchUp 2019.

@DaveR thanks for your reply.
Firstly, my profile is correct. I use SU and LO 2019, which actually reminds me that I don’t have this problem when I use my standard 2019 setup. So it appears to be a current issue with later versions of LO. I temporarily have access (while assisting another professional) to SU & LO 2024.

To answer the other questions now:-

  1. I have tried both “Print” and “Export” options - same result.
  2. LO freezes but never recovers even when one leaves it up to an hour. Eventually, it pops up with an error message that says something along the lines of “LayOut does not appear to be responding would you like to close it or wait for it to respond.” As I am busy with live projects and need to email documentation, I do not have hours to waste on “waiting for LO to repsond”, so at that point I close it. I have only received one bug splat in this regard over the last several occurrences. I think I was busy with a graphics card update and this caused multiple programs to close.
  3. The override tickbox under “Rendering” had been set to override with hybrid selected. After un-ticking override I manage to get a print out. However as mentioned the print lost it’s “Hidden Line” style in the process.

Hope that helps.

I have had problems with LO 2024 exporting to PDF. I have submitted files to tech support and they are working on the problems. I use SU 24 and LO 24 to create my drawings but have to use Layout 2023 to export to PDF. Im assuming the next update will probably cure this problem. You should be able to install 2023 and use it with the same license.

Update. I saw a new version of 2024 was posted. I tested a couple of layout files that previously crashed or didnt export to PDF properly and they were all good !

I had this happen to me consistently on the 23 version. There are 2 ways to export to pdf via layout

  • File - export - PDF
  • File - Print - Microsoft print to PDF (virtual printer essentially)

Try the way you didnt already do.

I recall both also output text differently (or had issues with specific fonts) from each other and one didn’t output page sizes properly so double check your results post output.

Ultimately, in certain circumstances, I had to save my layout file for 2022 and go and print in layout 22 to get around that bug.

Thanks. I was considering this option. I assume we can find 2023 still available on the SU site, correct?

I tried both methods - same result.

I note that there is an SU update today available. Any idea if it includes “a fix” for this LO printing issue?

Are you talking about the patch release that was released a few weeks ago or are you saying that there is an actual new release today?

I used SU and LO yesterday and there was no update offered. I switched on today and there was an updated offered. I am assuming it’s new today.

no new update today, it looks like they pushed last month update to people again this week, jlo1 had the same message yesterday but again, for the update of may 14th

doh!! Already installed that, which is when I started noticing my problem.

Guess I will have to roll back to 2023 to temporarily solve my problem.

You can install multiple versions on the same machine.

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Can v2023 open v2024 natively? I note that there is no back-save option anymore.

yes. all sketchup versions since 2021 can open each other files.
you’ll get a message telling you it’s from a more recent version, but it’s just a warning just in case.
for example, if you use ambiant occlusion in 24 then open it in 23 you’ll loose the ambiant occlusion.

edit : as for layout, it’s only since this year.

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Presumably. It doesn’t differentiate for 23/24.
You can also save as type 2022 or older in the dropdown for save as type (for layout).

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the revised 2024 is available. It fixed the export to PDF problems I was having. 23 and 24 are cross compatible for the most part. I did get an alert when exporting a 24 file in 23 but everything was fine. Its probably a good idea to keep a copy of 23 if you have the storage space. At least until you prove out the newer versions.